Drink tokens make great economical sense.  Our Poker Chip Drink Tokens have a great habit of disappearing fast!  People for many reasons never return them.  Souvenirs, keepsakes, or just plain old lose them.  All of this is good for enhanced profit.  Look at it this way.  If you purchase 100 chips to start, per chip cost would be $.54 cents each.  Depending on your specific drink prices, you are handing these out for an average of $2-$3 per drink token purchased ($200-$300 collected), or more, depending on what drinks you are using them for.  After your first order of 100 chips has gone, your net profit can be over $200!  Repeat customers are a large part of our business.  You can see why!  Some math for other quantities for you to consider:

                                   300 Chips x 2.50 average drink price               =$750 Collected
                         Minus Initial purchase price of $124.99 for 300 chips  =$124.99     
                                                                            Estimated profit of  =$625!
                                   500 Chips x $2.50 drink price                          =$1250 Collected
                         Minus Initial purchase price of $189.99 for 500 chips  =$189.99
                                                                          Estimated profit of    =$1060!

Adjust your drink or beer prices accordingly to figure you estimated profit after your first order of tokens are gone minus shipping.  You see this is the major reason Drink Chips will always be part of the bar and restaurant business.  Don't miss out on this opportunity and order some today!
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Drink Chips Return on Investment
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